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KW Announcement

A New Chapter: The KW Announcement

Greetings from Gwen, Roger, and Marshall!

It may have been a while since we’ve seen you, however, if you’re reading this letter, we know you by name, we enjoyed our experience with you, and we want to include you in our lives 🙂

We have BIG news! After months of quiet research, flying to their world headquarters for meetings, and examining their financials, we have made the decision to change brokerages.

I’ve been a real estate agent for 35 years, 20 of those have been with RE/MAX. I have poured my heart into this brand and we are comfortably in the top five teams in our region. The easiest, least disruptive thing for us to do would be to keep things status quo and not rock the boat. I have nothing but love for the RE/MAX brand, however, our clients are more important than our comfort, so I’m rocking the boat.

Roger, Marshall and I spend a lot of time watching and forecasting coming trends, in real estate and our local market. There is definitely a shift happening in both arenas. As our market shifts from an eight-year run in a seller’s market to favoring buyers, the way we represent our clients must change, too.

I have grown through every major change in my career. From landlines to pagers, then “car phones” in a bag, the magic of palm pilots and blackberries, and now we carry mini-computers that also make phone calls. We text, DM, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s been an incredible evolution.

Today we are facing one of the biggest transitions in our history. The tech boom.

Technology is by far the most important and effective tool we have and it changes near daily. Over the past few years, I’ve watched all the major brands implement their version of technology, however, one real estate company has pulled so far ahead of the rest, I can no longer ignore it. As an award-winning team that prides itself on being cutting edge, I owe it to you, our clients, my team, and myself to step out of my comfort zone and into the future. That company is Keller Williams.


We are happy to announce that we are now a part of Keller Williams Paint Creek and Somerset. We have the same phone numbers, the same emails, the same exceptional service, and now we have better technology, valuable tools for our clients, and advanced marketing.

Over the next months, you will see us roll out a few very impressive tools which will help you keep track of the value of your home and provide interesting market information on your real estate investments.

On behalf of Roger, Marshall, Jennifer, Amanda, Darian, and Mark, we are grateful for your loyalty and for trusting us with your friends and family. We have the best group of clients in the world and are glad you are in our lives! If you have any questions about our move at all, we would love the opportunity to chat with you about it. Thank you for celebrating with us and we hope to see you at our next client event! 


Gwen Daubenmeyer


Associate Broker

Team Leader, The Integrity Team
Keller Williams Paint Creek and Somerset

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