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Rochester Michigan's May Real Estate Market

A Walk In Time In Downtown Rochester

Not to be missed, A Walk In Time In Downtown Rochester –

Have you ever wondered what it must have been like to live in this country or more specifically, the downtown Rochester area 200 years ago? Well, wonder no more! Mark your calendar for Sunday, August 27th between the hours of 7 to 9 pm and plan on being present in downtown Rochester for an educational and entertaining experience, A Walk in Time.

A Walk in Time is an event which brings Rochester’s 200-year history alive. Imagine walking down the streets of downtown Rochester and being approached by someone dressed in garb that was trending back in the early 1800s and listening to stories of what life was like back then. You’ll be entertained and informed. Bring the whole family as it is an experience that should be shared and would be something for the kids to talk about once they return to school.

I often wonder when I am listing a historic home what the family was like who originally lived there. Did they have the same concerns? What were their daily routines like? Did their values differ that much from ours today? There’s so much to wonder about when it comes to our ancestors.

I know a great place if you would like to do some historic diving and that is the Rochester-Avon Historical Society.¬†Have you been? There’s so much to learn about. Whether you are researching your family tree or even have purchased a historic home that you would like to know more about, the Rochester-Avon Historical Society can help. They also have plenty of books that they sell as well. To keep up with it all you might like to join their newsletter.¬† Let me know what you are searching for and what you find out. Would love to publish a piece on it with your permission of course.


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