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Average CDOM for July 2016 and 2017

Average CDOM for July 2016 and 2017

Average CDOM for July 2016 and 2017

This time we are going to take a look at the Average CDOM for July 2016 and 2017. This indicates how fast homes sold year over year. I’ll start with the good news which is the decreased days on market.

The biggest change was found in the Shelby Twp which saw a CDOM drop of 42 days in 2016 to 19 days in 2017. A HUGE change! That was a 54.76 PERCENT DROP in consecutive days on market!

Next in line for big changes was found in the community of Rochester. I actually had to double check these numbers because of the big differences.  In Rochester, it went from 91 days in July of 2016 to 43 days in 2017 that same month!! That’s a 52.75 PERCENT DROP!!

Then we have decreases in days on market found in Birmingham which was 61 CDOM in 2016 and 53 in 2017. Then there was Royal Oak 30 in 2016 to 22 in 2017. 

As far as increased CDOM we saw that in the community of Lake Orion which went from 34 to 54 CDOM, Oakland TWP went from 40 to 83 and Troy 27 to 31 CDOM.

In conclusion

So there were significant ups and downs and as I said before in other blogs you have to take in account all of the factors which I’m happy to discuss with you. Don’t be shy now! Reach out and let’s chat.

I hope you’ll also take a look around this website as it has been designed with YOU and YOUR needs in mind. Let me know what you think or if you find there’s an area of interest that is lacking on here. I am always looking to improve things and would like it to ultimately be a place of reference for not only buyers and sellers to visit but for locals to visit as well. Real estate is more than sales.

If I haven’t addressed a locale that is of interest to you, please let me know and I’ll try and include it in the future or you may contact me for a personal market analysis. I am here to help!


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