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Why You Should Buy With Us

This is a challenging market for buyers. A shortage of inventory, homes selling before buyers can even get in the door, and losing in multiple offer situations are leaving everyone tired and frustrated. Successfully navigating this market is not for amateurs. We have developed strategies beyond highest price to position our buyers to win. It’s not always just about the money.”  

If these things are important to you, too, read on.

Welcome to The Integrity Team. You belong here.

  • We are Certified Negotiation Experts
  • Hundreds of past buyers love us
  • We track the details of your purchase so you can relax
  • Our specialized support staff guides you smoothly to closing
  • We won’t quit until you’ve found the perfect house
  • Access to our handpicked advisors and contractors
  • Free use of our private moving Truck
  • We’re not practicing on your purchase, or with your money
  • We take care of you even after your purchase

[toggle title=”We are Certified Negotiation Experts (CNE)” icon=”bookmark” num=”1″ expand=”true” expand-class=”true”]Once you have spent all the time and emotional energy in finding that perfect house, you don’t want to lose it. But you don’t want to pay more than you have to either, right?

Your agent’s ability to negotiate can make or break a successful purchase. We have invested our time and money into becoming Certified Negotiating Experts. We know the multiple strategies and subtle nuances of successful negotiating. When we go to the negotiation table for you, our goal isn’t to sell you a house; our goal is for you to buy the house you want for the least amount of money possible.

[callout name=”Andrew P. & Renae B.”]“Words can’t express how thankful we are to have found Gwen and her team! She practically held our hands through every step of the way of purchasing our first home and provided us with excellent advice. Do yourself a favor and get a great agent that will fight for you and will not miss a thing – that would be Gwen!”[/callout][/toggle]

[toggle title=”We Have Hundreds of Past Buyers Who Love Us” icon=”heart” num=”2″ expand=”true”]Our clients are responsible for our success. It’s easy to rack up sheer numbers in selling real estate by buying radio, billboard or television advertising, but when 82% of your business is by word of mouth as ours is, that means something. We are super proud of our loyal client fan base.

[callout name=”Paul & Diana P.”]Gwen and her team are advocates, not agents. They take care of every detail, every worry, every care from the initial walk through until the very last paper is signed and check is cashed. They are an amazing team and we will recommend them to anyone that will listen.”[/callout][/toggle]

[toggle title=”We Track the Details of Your Purchase So You Can Relax” num=”3″ icon=”list” expand=”true”]When you are buying a house, we realize your head is in a million places. Humans are fallible. Our support staff monitors your sale through our online transaction management software, which tracks every detail of your home purchase so you can relax. We will prompt you when something is needed, so nothing is missed. Our online transaction management technology is one reason working with our team will help you sleep well at night. We worry so you don’t have to.

[callout name=”Joe & Kappy G.”]“If you’re looking for a team of experts who provide outstanding customer service, have incredible business savvy, and know how to use their strengths together to make your buying and selling experience absolutely seamless–then you want Gwen Daubenmeyer and her Integrity Team on your side. Before contacting Gwen we had a very frustrating experience with another agency. Gwen empathetically listened to our concerns and our skepticism, and with her team went to work to provide us with clear answers whenever we had questions and kept us up-to-date as new info came in during our buying & selling process. Gwen’s integrity, experience, and leadership turned us from skeptics of the real estate world to believers that the process can be done with honesty and excellence. Look no further for an incredible real estate professional—Gwen Daubenmeyer is your agent!”[/callout][/toggle]

[toggle title=”Our Specialized Support Staff Guides You Smoothly to Closing” num=”4″ icon=”user” expand=”true”]Many agents are forced to divide their time between listing homes, showing homes, writing contracts, marketing properties and processing your paperwork. It’s impossible to manage all of that and be fully present for clients, too.

Having a support staff is a huge advantage to our buyers. While our staff manages the full-time job of wrangling the paper and process of your purchase, our agents are free to focus on things agents should focus on–you, answering your questions, marketing your home, showing you homes, snagging that perfect house and negotiating the heck out of it.

You’ll be well taken care of every step of the way and appreciate our experts behind-the-scenes as much as we do.

Our listing manager. We call her our “Wrangler of Details.” She tends to all the listing details for us, from managing the paper and coordinating showings to scheduling our photo shoots and creating our video tours. She is also our dedicated listing support so our agents can focus on our sellers.

Our digital marketing specialist. She is in charge marketing our listings through social media and the web. She uses language like “keyword strategy,” “SEO,” and “retargeting,” so we don’t have to. She gets our listings in front of hundreds of buyers that wouldn’t ordinarily be reached. This is one reason we rarely ever have an expired listing.

Our closing coordinator. We call her our “Wrangler of Deadlines.” Using our fancy transaction management software, she systemizes our transactions and monitors the details of your sale ensuring all of your deadlines are met in a timely fashion. She guides our clients every step of the way so they don’t have to worry about a thing. From preparing for your inspection to transferring utilities after closing, she’s got you.

It is true that we sell a lot of homes, but with Gwen, Roger, Marshall and our incredible staff, you will think you are our only client. We like it like that.

[callout name=”Beau & Diana T.”]“I had an amazing experience with Marshall and the team! I was absolutely blown away by the amount of time and attention that they gave my wife and I through the entire buying process. What impacted us the most was that they treated us like we were their number one client! I highly recommend Marshall, Gwen, and the team, and I have already referred them to many friends and family!”[/callout][/toggle]

[toggle title=”We Won’t Quit Until You’ve Found the Perfect House” num=”5″ icon=”home” expand=”true”]Sometimes a buyer lands the “perfect” house, but during the inspection or due diligence, something happens to cause them to change their mind. If it’s not the right house for our buyer, it’s not the right house, period. We will do everything we legally can to help our client out of that agreement. It’s our buyer’s decision, not ours; we respect that.

[callout name=”Brian & Debbie C.”]“Gwen and Roger helped us find a house that was exactly what we were looking for. Roger was very helpful in showing the houses, even pointed out things the home inspector noted later.”[/callout][/toggle]

[toggle title=”Access to Our Handpicked Advisors and Contractors” num=”6″ icon=”wrench” expand=”true”]Buying a house involves inspectors, contractors, and advisors. Having our list of trusted resources will save you valuable time. Our connections come highly recommended by our clients as offering excellent service at reasonable prices. It’s like our own internal Angie’s List.

[callout name=”Tom & Patty E.”]“We have used Gwen to purchase our condominium in Clarkston and also our home in Lake Orion. We purchased the condominium while we were living in China and she took care of everything including the research, negotiations, inspection, closing and redecorating. The whole process was easy and the condo was ready to move in when we arrived. We would highly recommend Gwen and Roger and their Integrity team for any real estate transactions!”[/callout][/toggle]

[toggle title=”Free Use Of Our Private Moving Truck” num=”7″ icon=”truck” expand=”true”]Over the years, we noted that buyers and sellers experience stress at the same points in their sale, so we set out to eliminate as many of those points as possible.

For example, our clients often have trouble finding a moving truck at a reasonable price, so we bought one!

Schedule our truck with our office; it will have a full tank of gas when you pick it up, return it with a full tank of gas, and it’s free for you to use. It’s on the road nearly every day, and one of the best decisions we’ve ever made![/toggle]

[toggle title=”We’re Not Practicing On Your Purchase, Or With Your Money” num=”8″ icon=”cogs” expand=”true”]Whether it is your first home or you’ve often moved, we have already solved the toughest situations you might encounter many times. We are fierce advocates for our clients. Our experience will save you both money and stress.

We aren’t practicing on your purchase. We don’t have other careers or do this part time. Real estate is all we do, here at The Integrity Team. It’s also why we win a lot of awards. We know our stuff.

[callout name=”April P.”]“I highly recommend this group! Very professional, knowledgeable, courteous, honest, prompt and reliable… I could go on but you get the picture. Marshall was great from the initial contact to sell, through house hunting with our toddlers, to the end with coordinating buying/selling at the same time.”[/callout][/toggle]

[toggle title=”We Take Care of You Even After Your Purchase” num=”9″ icon=”handshake-o” expand=”true”]After buying a house, you’ll still need us, and we’ll be right here when you do. Our resources, our moving truck, our knowledge, our advice and our market updates on your new home investment will be invaluable to you.

The real estate market fluctuates just like the stock market. We encourage you to check back with us before making a substantial investment in your home, so your decisions are informed.

We’re always here for you. During good times or market slumps, we will help you navigate home ownership with our ongoing aftercare support.

[callout name=”Kristen K.”]“Gwen and the entire group at The Integrity Team are nothing less than SPECTACULAR!!… Whether you’re buying or selling, they are the people you want on YOUR team! And they are around for you always, if you need advice about home repairs or upgrades, refinancing, you name it! If it’s about property, they are well trained, well read and experienced! I wouldn’t make a move without them!!”[/callout][/toggle]

So, there you have it. If it’s important to you to be informed about the purchase process, educated in current market conditions and have a smooth transition into your new home, you are in the right place.

Welcome to The Integrity Team. You belong here.