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Antique Roadshow

Calling All Rochester Antique Roadshow Fans!

Did you hear the news? Antique Roadshow is coming our way!! Not sure if you’re a fan or not, but it is a great show on PBS and it is taking to the road and stopping in Rochester, Michigan in late Spring. Actually, June 14th to be exact!

Excerpt from the Rochester Patch, December 5th –

“Holding events at these locations allows our cameras to film appraisals in and around places that are treasures in their own right, adding a new depth to our show,” Roadshow executive producer Marsha Bemko said in a statement. “I can’t wait to see what treasures we uncover in Rochester. And stay tuned, we’ll be revealing the historic location we’ve selected very soon.”

The admission to the filming is free, BUT you must obtain tickets in advance. You can apply for 1 free ticket per household by clicking here – Apply for Tickets.

They will be stopping at –

Sarasota, Florida on Thursday, April 12th

Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday, April 21st

Louisville, Kentucky on Tuesday, May 22nd

San Diego, California on Tuesday, May 29th

Rochester, Michigan on Thursday, June 14th

The Antiques Roadshow has been nominated for 15 Emmy Awards. It really is a show worth catching when you have a spare moment. Do start rummaging through your attic. There will be approximately 3,000 ticketed households who will receive free valuations for their collectibles and antiques. You may bring up to 2 items to be appraised. You never know the fortune you might be sitting on. Oh, and hey, if you do hit the jackpot and wish to upsize your living quarters you know who to call. 😉

Here’s an article that might be of interest to you as these people were quite happily surprised to learn what their items were worth. Imagine inheriting sports memorabilia and finding out it is valued at $1 million. It happened!! Check out “10 of the Most Valuable Antiques Roadshow Finds.”


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