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Category Archives: Industry Intel

There are No Second Chances in This Market

Over the 4th of July weekend, I had the pleasure of presenting 13 offers between two of my listings. While I have two happy sellers and four happy buyers, the outcome could have been different. Some buyers did not lose because their offer was too low. When the offers are similar in price, we start […]

Three New Resources to Help You Now in the COVID Quarantine

  Hello! I’m writing to you from what is affectionately known as “Yoga Pants Studios,” here in my home. First and foremost, we hope that this finds you well. Secondly, we are super excited to bring you some tools and resources that we are launching to safely navigate your real estate needs in this shutdown. […]

Things I learned in the last recession

    I am confident of three things in this Corona Crunch: 1. We will eat something. 2. We will wipe with something. 3. There will be massive opportunity for those who are prepared. “Out of adversity comes opportunity.” ~ Benjamin Franklin Roger and I believe this with all of our guts. When the Great […]