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Detroit Throws Hat Into Race For Amazon Bid

Detroit Throws Hat Into Race For Amazon Bid

Amazon needs a place to build its second headquarters and Detroit wishes to be that place. Here’s a great video that was submitted by Dan Gilbert’s team trying to peak Amazon’s interest. Take a look!


With a 5 BILLION dollar headquarters up for grabs, this is an amazing opportunity. Also, the word is 50,000 individuals will be working at this facility with an average salary of $100k. Imagine that boost for Detroit’s economy! So the push is on and what is Detroit offering exactly? We will probably not be privy to the details until much later, but I’m sure there will beĀ discussions of tax incentives, talented employee pools which to draw from and so on.

I do believe Detroit has a lot to offer and a lot to receive if this deal happens, but there’s pretty stiff competition from around the nation. If only we knew what Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO, was specifically looking for.

I will say that Detroit is moving mountains to get Amazon’s attention. There is now a website called “Detroit Moves The World,” which was definitely put in place to lure Amazon. There’s even a hashtag that goes right along with it and as you could probably guess it is #MoveTheWorld. There is also social media platforms set-up to engage this purpose and they are listed under “Detroit Moves HQ.” Clever, right? šŸ™‚

I say let’s put 110 percent effort into this campaign as it would be life-changing or rather, economy changingĀ for sure. Wouldn’t it be great to see Detroit’s future brightened and to regain some of its past glory days? I know I’ll be keeping an eye on this race. Will you be following it as well? Fingers crossed, prayers said, good luck wishes given and so on and so forth. Let’s do this Detroit!! For the good of the people.


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