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The Fisher Building and My Interview With WJR

The Fisher Building and My Interview With WJR

Recently my team and I had a team master mind to discover ways in which we can better educate and equip our clients through the home buying process. Through that mastermind, we developed a new “Buyer’s Due Diligence” guideline.

So much more information is available to buyers now than before, it was time to take another look at the best process for buying a home. We discovered it is through educating a buyer on doing better “due diligence.”

We believe a buyer needs to be actively engaged in purchasing their home from start to finish. As agents, we have a super important role of guiding the buyer through the process and negotiating the sale. But Buyers should be making informed decisions all along the way through intentional due diligence; this begins with carefully selecting the agent to represent them.

This is what the show is about, what should a buyer be doing before and after they find the home of their choice. The audio is at the end of this blog if you want to listen in.

I had the pleasure of being asked by Jeanette Snyder with “The Re/Max Real Estate Insight Show” on WJR, to sit down with her and talk about Buyer Due Diligence. It was so much fun!

Who doesn’t love walking through one of the oldest, most historic buildings in Detroit, The Fisher Building. I’ve been to the Fisher theatre many times, but not the office space portion of The Fisher Building.

The Fisher Building photo credit Jtmichcock

The Fisher Building, located at 2nd and W. Grand Blvd. Built by the Fisher Brothers of Fisher Body, Detroit MI.



I snapped some shots to share with you as well as some audio of the interview on WJR, below.

First, a bit of interesting information about the gorgeous Fisher Building. It is referred to as “Detroit’s Largest Art Object” and you can see why from the photo below which is the most opulent space you will ever see in the Detroit area. It is constructed of 40 different kinds of marble!! That’s a lot of marble.

The stunning interior of the entrance to the Fisher Building in Detroit


Artwork inside the Fisher Building




This gorgeous elevator makes me want to ride it all day.

WJR is one of the oldest tenants in the building having moved in upon completion back in 1928. Two other radio stations reside in the building as well. now They are WDVD-FM and WDRQ-FM. Nestled up on the 8th floor, WJR is the home of “the great voices of the Great Lakes,” including Mitch Albom, Paul W. Smith, Guy Gordon, and Frank Beckman.

I had to be escorted upstairs by security guard (I’m hoping they do that for everyone and not just me). I felt a bit underdressed to ride this elevator. Seriously gorgeous! He waived a fancy security thingy at the elevator buttons and it magically sent me up.

Once upstairs, I met Jeanette Schneider, our RE/MAX Real Estate Insights radio host, Mike Pierce, the account representative with WJR and my colleague, Al Block.

Mike led us through a maze of sound booths and broadcast sets to ours. It was amazing seeing all the sound equipment. I had to restrain myself from playing with all the buttons. The amount of equipment was crazy!

This was our studio inside the radio station – WJR

Getting ready for the interview –  WJR Radio, Fisher Building


Yes, I’m as nervous as I look! My broadcasting career will have to wait, Real Estate is definitely my gig.


Show host Jeanette Schneider put everyone at ease. She’s a pro.

It was great fun sharing my passion, real estate, with listeners over Metro Detroit. Before I knew it, the time was over. The time goes faster than you think! There was so much more to talk about that we didn’t have time to get into. Next time!

Meanwhile, I couldn’t resist this shot from the garage of the building going on in Detroit. Cranes have never looked so good!

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Here’s the interview with Jeanette Snyder and myself, Gwen Daubenmeyer, talking about things you can do to up your game as a buyer during the due diligence/inspection period of the home buying process. Like, checking for past open permits at the city. That sounds like a good idea!

Hope you enjoyed the show and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to pick up that phone or put your fingers to the keys and send me a quick email! You belong here.


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