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Fishing in Michigan and Outdoorama 2018

Are you dreaming of the great outdoors OR perhaps, fishing in Michigan?  The Outdoorama returned to the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi March 1-4, 2018. If you like to participate in all things outdoor then this is an event I hope you were able to attend!

The average stay at this event was 3.6 hours in 2017.

The 2017 Attendees were serious sportsmen. I’m very sorry I didn’t get this blog up sooner, but time got away from me and I missed it. I hope you did not miss the event.

The location was in the state-of-the-art Suburban Collection Showplace in the Detroit suburb of Novi, Michigan.

What I would like to focus on is fishing in Michigan because . . . FISHING!! If you know the Daubies then you know we LOVE to fish!!

Let’s start with this fun fact: Did you know Detroit is the #1 freshwater fishing market in the nation? Are you looking for some great places to fish locally? Let’s take a look –

The Best 10 Fishing Spots in Detroit, Michigan via Yelp

How about chartering a boat? Fishing in Metro Detroit

There’s also, of course, the DNR to turn to when looking for the BEST places to fish. 

Here you can search for fishing spots via an interactive map – Detroit River

Have you ever tried your hand at fly fishing? Here are America’s 5 Best Rivers For Fly Fishing. The first one listed is the Au Sable River in Michigan.

The Detroit River has the best fishing when it comes to walleye fishing. Love this quote via Outdoorhub

There are only two possible explanations for not fishing the Detroit River when the walleyes are going in the spring: either you live a thousand miles away or you don’t fish.

Dust off that gear or attend Outdoorama and buy some new gear! Either way, let’s go fishing!


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