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Historical Oakland County Homes

Five Interesting Historical Oakland County Homes

I thought it would be fun to review five interesting historical Oakland County homes that stand out in our community. Let’s get started!

The first one is known as the Affleck House which is located at 925 Bloomfieldwoods Court in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. It is only open for tours on the third Saturday of each month during the summer. This home was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is one of only 25 pre-World War II Usonians to be built. It is currently owned by the Lawrence Technological University. Below is a walking tour of this house.

The second one is the Royal Aldrich House and it is located at 31110 West 11 Mile Road in Farmington Hills, Michigan. It is one of a few remaining Greek Revival style houses in southeast Michigan still located on the site where it was originally built. Watch the below video to see a tour of this home.

The Edward E. Beals House is located at 31805 Bond Street in Farmington Hills, Michigan. This home was originally designed by Michigan’s first female architect and it was as the video host said, one of the first storybook Tudors in the Michigan area. Watch the below video for its very interesting history.

Another National Historic Landmark was constructed in the 1920s and is known as Meadow Brook Hall. It represents one of the finest examples of Tudor-revival architecture in America. It is located at 350 Estate Drive in Rochester Hills, Michigan. There are tours all year round but they also have a very special tour this time of year known as the Holiday Walk Tours.  Below you will find a video of the Holiday Walk provided by the Oakland County Michigan Government.

The last historic home I will end this with is known as the Cranbrook House. This was built in 1908 by architect Albert Kahn for George Gough Booth and Ellen Scripps Booth. The home remained in their family for 40 years. It has since become the centerpiece of the Cranbrook Educational Community campus. It was designed in the English Arts and Crafts-style and is the oldest surviving manor home in the metro Detroit area. In the video below you will find a fun quick paced view of it being decorated for the holiday season.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour. If you’d like to get your hands on a home with some history then you know who to call! 🙂


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