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Five Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Locations, Dates and Hours of Christmas Tree Recycling Centers courtesy of Oakland County Parks. Like their FB Page!

Christmas is over but, wow, it was beautiful, wasn’t it? Downtown Rochester was all lit up and Lake Orion’s Christmas parade was fabulous! Let’s all stop right there and take just a minute to bask in the glow of it. I’ll wait… 🙂

But now it’s time to start thinking about recycling your Christmas tree.

Some of our communities like Royal Oak and Birmingham offer free curbside pickup. If yours does not, or you want to make sure your tree is properly recycled and reused, here is a link to  Christmas tree recycling centers,  courtesy of Oakland County Moms site (bookmark their page, it’s awesome!) so you can find the one nearest you.

Christmas Tree Recycling Center

Recycling your Christmas tree is super easy. You pull into the park, dump your tree in the pile, and pull out. It’s that simple!

The 7-8 years it took to grow your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be wasted. O Christmas tree of 2017 can live on forever and provide a contribution to our ecology in surprising ways!

  1. Free mulch – Certain designated days of the year residents can go get free much for your garden.
  2. Restoring County Parks – the mulch is used to maintain our parks, hiking trails and bike paths.
  3. Rebuilding stream banks – The DNR often uses discarded Christmas trees to naturally restore our stream banks.
  4. Bird habitats – You can stand the tree up in your garden or back yard and hang suet feeders from it. The small branches provide great shelter for small birds such as goldfinch and nuthatches during Michigan’s harsh winters.
  5. Fisheries – Many conservationists use discarded Christmas trees by strategically submerging them on the lake bed. The tiny limbs of the pine tree provide a great refuge against predators for baby bass or perch, which helps replenish the fish population. (Note: check with your DNR branch before doing so yourself, it might be illegal in your area.)
US Forestry Recycling Christmas Tree

Tell City Ranger District employees prepare to install recycled fish habitat in an Indiana lake. Photo © U.S. Forest Service on USDA Flickr

Don’t let that beautiful Christmas tree go to waste. Take advantage of recycling it and help our community at the same time!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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