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General Market Update June 2020

How’s the market?

Here’s the bottom line: The real estate market opened with a KA-Boom! The panic-pricing and low-ball offer predicted by some experts never happened. It remains a healthy seller’s market, we are in desperate need of listings as inventory is very low.

It’s important to remember than the last five recessions beginning in the oil shortage/gas crisis of the ’70s, home values have declined in only two of the five. Home values increased in three of the five recessions and as long as nothing changes, it appears home sales will help us lead a recovery. (With a thousand asterisks noting this is an election year, so nobody knows anything for sure.)

We’ve interpreted the current market data as reported by our Multiple Listing Service and CoreLogic below. If you would like to see how your home is faring in the market, we’re always happy to pop by for a market analysis. Simply reach out here!: Contact Us. 


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