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Guest Post – By My Client, Darin Stahl: Gwen Suggested We Replace The Carpet. Simple, Right?…

*Darin and Kathy Stahl, we love working with you. Thank you so much for the post.*

From Gwen: I was excited to see Darin and Kathy again. We met last week to evaluate the market to see if it might be the right time for their family to move.

This is how it went from my perspective: I rolled in, they bought me my favorite candy, swedish fish (love these people!), we caught up, examined the market, cussed and discussed market value, I made staging recommendations based on return on investment, and left them with a recommended “to-do list”. Simple. Not much to do. Top on the list: New carpet. It’s just time. Then, I went on my merry way.

Darin’s post:

We are thinking about getting new carpet in the house. We are getting some quotes on installation this week… 

One of the Big Box stores came out for an estimate. All is well, no issues with their quote. It is fine. I do have an observation to share though.

When he was done measuring the floor, he asked me, “So, are you moving the furniture?” I, thinking they meant was I going to have the installers do it, responded, “yes, we are planning on having you move it. I understand there is a small fee for this”.

He responded, “Ok, well, you need to do a couple things…”

“Oh?” I replied.

“We don’t move anything electronic, and you have to disassemble the beds and some of the bigger furniture,” he informed me.

After some conversation, I determined “electronic” means they will not move ANYTHING with a cord on it. This means lamps, TV’s, clock radios, speakers, etc. Secondly, they want the beds COMPLETELY disassembled. This means our King master taken down and both sets of bunks. 


All that is “doable”, but, am I wrong in thinking this is a bit much? I did some project planning and determined that we and the kiddos will be on the floor for at least a few days during prep (me) / install (them) / rebuild (me).

I inquired of the gentleman the following query: What do single parents do that have carpet installed? I can’t imagine taking days and days to take apart / re-assemble furniture works in anyone’s schedule. He innocently suggested they get friends / family / hire a handyman to help. 

Something to think about… As any home project becomes, this one is getting more and more complex… We just wanted new carpet! 

New carpet means nearly the whole house has to be disassembled and moved around while life with kids is supposed to continue as normal. It will be worth it though, I promise! But then, I’m not the one moving the furniture and sleeping on the floor.

Thanks for the reminder, Darin.


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