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21st Annual Ford Arts, Beats & Eats

It’s Time For The 21st Annual Ford Arts, Beats & Eats

It may be the ending of Summer, but it is NOT the end of the fun in our area! The locals look forward to Labor Day weekend for more than the reason of an extra day off. It is time for the 21st Annual Ford Arts, Beats & Eats festival. So much fun packed into one weekend!!

Not only is this weekend fun, but it has a purpose and that is to raise money for some local charities. In 2017, this festival was able to raise OVER $350,000!! That’s definitely a positive impact for a lot of people. There were 390,000 who attended in 2017 and so be ready for crowds when you do go!!

Festival admission is the following:

$3 until 3 pm

$5 after 3 pm

$7 after 5 pm on Saturday, Sunday & Monday

The Ford Arts, Beats & Eats is free to enter until 5 pm on Friday only. Admission on Friday after 5 pm is $7. 

The hours are the following:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, August 31st to September 2nd –  11:00 AM-11: 00 PM
Labor Day, Monday, September 3rd –  11:00 AM-9: 30 PM

ARTS: The Arts come from the fact there are artists that attend this festival from across the country. Yep! It is that B-I-G!! You will find this section of the festival located on 7th Street between Lafayette & Washington, Washington between 7th and Lincoln, and Lincoln between Washington and Center.

The art fair hours are:  

Friday, August 31: 11:00am – 9:00pm

Saturday, September 1: 11:00am – 9:00pm

Sunday, September 2: 11:00am – 9:00pm

Monday, September 3: 11:00am – 5:00pm

BEATS: This part of the festival is for the music/band performances. All concerts are included with the price of festival admission. You’ll find them scheduled throughout the festival. Here’s where you can find the exact line-up of who is playing and when – WEBSITE. 

EATS: Come hungry because the best of the best in Detroit restaurants will show up this weekend. Here’s a resource that lists the exact restaurants that will serve the hungry crowd – WEBSITE





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