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Your Listing Photography Matters!

Your listing photography matters more than you think it does. This is another installment of Things Sellers Do that Drive Buyers Crazy. (Click here for our previous video in this series)

Do you want top dollar for your home? Of course, you do! But it doesn’t happen by accident. Even in a good market, you need a plan, and you need a process.

As a real estate agent with over 30 years of experience in metro Detroit, I am sharing critical tips that make my listings sell more quickly and for more money.

#1 – Use Professional Photography

This may sound like a no-brainer, but I see it all the time. Agents try to save a buck by shooting pictures of a home with their phones. Their reflection is in the bathroom or living room mirror, or their car mirror is in the front shot they took when driving by.

Just because our phones can take spectacular photos these days does not make an agent a good photographer. High-quality images are your home’s online dating profile which is why your listing photography is so important.

A good professional photographer will be strategic, capturing your home’s best features and showcasing them at the proper angle.

Great photos make buyers’ heart or swipe right and want to see your home right away. And it’s a fact that homes that have professional photography sell for more money.

#2 – Photos should not be redundant.

Leading with multiple shots of the front view of the house causes buyers to lose interest in the home you’re marketing before they get to the inside photos.

Our online statistics show that we have 4 seconds to capture a buyer’s attention. FOUR SECONDS!

We lead with the five best shots of our listing usually, a front, kitchen, great room, primary bedroom, and back view, and then we post the rest of our photos in the order in which you would walk through the home.

This method engages buyers from the get-go. I have more click-throughs and full photo gallery views on my listings with this method. Post only photos with new information, you lose a buyer’s interest with repetition.

#3 – More photos are not always better.

Post photos that flatter your home and showcase its features.

You don’t need to post shots of your furnace room or messy storage areas. Everyone has them, but these spaces are best viewed in person.

Lastly, professional listing photography should flatter your home but not exaggerate your home. That feels like a bait and switch to a buyer. If it’s dated, buyers will see it when they get there. Seeing it first online sets correct expectations. Cleanliness overcomes a lot, and price accordingly.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with selling a dated home. I sell them every day!

Welcome to the Integrity Team. You belong here.


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