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Meadow Brook Theatre

Have You Been To Meadow Brook Theatre Lately?

Meadow Brook Theatre’s mission statement says:

Our Mission is to provide a season of innovative, Broadway quality theatre productions that make audiences smile, laugh and cry, enriching the cultural experience of the community in southeast Michigan.

I believe they certainly accomplish this and isn’t it great to have it so close by. Meadow Brook Theatre is located on the campus of Oakland University. People say to buy experiences instead of things and this experience will prove to you why that is such a great idea. If you are stuck on what to buy someone who has everything then this is a great idea.

Two Meadow Brook Theatre Shows I’d Like To Mention:

In June you can still catch Why Do Fools Fall in Love?” Better be quick though as this is ending with the last day on Father’s Day, June 18th. Great Father’s day gift!

In July you can catch the band known as “The Grass Roots.” This band was pretty popular back in 1967 through 1972. They never received a #1 hit, but the DJ’s played their music often. They sold over 20 million records worldwide! That’s quite an accomplishment! Take a trip down memory lane.

Here’s what the Press had to say in the past about the Meadow Brook Theatre’s performances:

“Our familiarity with the classic tale of A Christmas Carol during this time of year may make many us overlook seeing the beloved play and to do something else. Do not make that mistake. To overlook this production would be a huge oversight, as this is an outstanding production of A Christmas Carol at Meadow Brook Theatre, which brings to life the words of Charles Dickens in a magical way that is sure to create wonderful holiday memories for all who attend!”

— Broadway World Detroit

“Meadow Brook is hardly a stranger to plays that call for actors to juggle roles. The company performed similar magic in previous seasons with “Around the World in 80 Days” and “The 39 Steps.” Ludwig, who has been selective in choosing venues for early productions of his new play, should be more than satisfied with this well-oiled staging.”

— The Detroit Free Press

It really is a gift you must open if you live or are visiting anywhere near the Oakland College Campus in Rochester, Michigan.


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