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Rochester Median Sale Prices

Rochester and Beyond Median Sale Prices

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. Here’s a visual which hopefully gives you an idea as to what is happening in the Rochester and surrounding communities. We’ve chosen the following specific areas to follow:


Lake Orion

Oakland Township


Royal Oak 


As you can see, Royal Oak is the least expensive at this time with a median home sales price of $228,500 and Birmingham tops the list with a median home sales price of $455,000. Everyone should be able to find something to fit their budget in the Rochester and surrounding communities, but sometimes that takes someone with a little insider information. You know who to call, but if you are not ready to make that call then maybe you want to take a look at our resources for both buyers and sellers.

For Rochester And Surrounding Area Buyers We Offer –

For Rochester and Surrounding Area Sellers We Offer –

As far as the market conditions locally, it is doing really well at the time being. Interest rates haven’t risen too high and buyers are looking. That’s a good sign of a healthy real estate market. It’s good for sellers because they should be able to move their homes and at a decent price. It is also good for buyers because when the interest rates aren’t high the monthly payments are also not as high. So win-win!!

If we haven’t addressed a locale that is of interest to you, please let us know and we’ll try and include it in the future or you may contact us for a personal market analysis. We are here to help you with any AND all of your Rochester and beyond real estate needs!



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