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Meet The Integrity Team

Instead of building something big, Gwen and Roger Daubenmeyer set out to build something exceptional. Along with their hand-picked team of specialists, they have accomplished exactly that.

Gwen Daubenmeyer is the founder and visionary of this team. Everything you see has her fingerprint on it. Even “The INTEGRITY Team” name was chosen because it defines the foundation upon which she built this team and what everyone can expect when working with them.

Gwen began her career in real estate back in 1986 when interest rates were in double digits. She has successfully navigated all the market ups and downs through the years, and there isn’t a situation she can’t successfully manage.

Gwen is married to the lead Buyer’s Agent of The Integrity Team, Roger Daubenmeyer. They have been married a long, long time, and real estate partners for more than 20 years.

Gwen and Roger are known for their ability to forecast coming market trends and stay ahead of the curve, which has benefited both them and their clients over the years. One of the most impactful decisions they have ever made was to build a team. They studied all the brands and decided to build their team under the mantle of Keller Williams.

It was 2011 and the market was dreadful; it was the middle of the real estate bubble. Short sales and foreclosures were rampant. There were long market times, few buyers, and falling home prices, all of which were changing the entire landscape of the industry they had championed for more than two decades. Selling a home became a lot more time-consuming and complicated, but Gwen and Roger were committed to growing stronger through it.