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MK Blanket Wraps

MK Blanket Wraps – Warmth For Detroit’s Homeless

I came across this wonderful story written by Michael P. McConnell of the Daily Tribune, Royal Oak Girls Wrap Homeless in Warmth and Comfort. I was so touched. I tell you this generation of kids is simply amazing. I had to share it with you as I believe we could all use some homespun inspiration. So grab your coffee and let’s begin.

Two sisters, Mackenzie and Kate Martin, decided that handing out food to the homeless was good, but not good enough. They chose to take it a much further step forward and thus the creation of MK Blanket Wraps was born.

From the article written by Michael McConnell, I see that the sisters’ Mom, Julie Martin, did not really inspire this idea as she said she didn’t know how to sew herself and that her two daughters came up with the idea of handing out something to keep people warm. So after a visit to a shop for material, they designed shoulder wraps.

After the wraps were completed the girls would visit local homeless shelters to distribute them. They both enjoyed that part very much as they were able to discuss whether these wraps met the needs of the people at the shelter. They discovered some of the men preferred them less colorful and that they needed to make them longer. Important feedback which they took into consideration and went back to the drawing board.

I really think this is a lovely tribute to what our kids are capable of and it will be fun to watch this idea grow as the owners of the idea grow along with it. If you’d like to donate you can visit their website at or like them on Facebook and follow their story. Maybe this will inspire an idea or two for you.


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