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New vs. Existing Construction

Who doesn’t want to experience the process of choosing all the details that reflect your individual taste in a brand new, sparkling clean house? Studies show, about 50% of the people who have done it before, would be reluctant to do it again.

While choosing all the details of new construction can be enjoyable, buying an existing structure can be less stressful.

The two most common challenges of building new construction are:

  1. The home is not completed on time. Sometimes it’s the builder’s fault, but sometimes it’s the weather. You can’t pour cement if it is too cold.
  1. You blew your budget. The purpose of a model home is to show off the builder’s workmanship and all the cool options available. What does one usually fall in love with? All the cool options available.

The builder’s “spec sheet” will tell you what is included in the base price so you can budget for upgrades. Believe me, I’ve sat through many number-crunching sessions with the builder that led directly to libations at Bar Louie.

While buying existing construction doesn’t have the romance of choosing everything brand new, it has advantages:

  • You see the quality of work on your home, not a model
  • The grade and foundation have usually settled allowing you to see any cracks or imperfections caused in the settling process
  • You don’t have to put up with months of noisy construction
  • Closing and occupancy dates are firmer
  • The trees, sod, and landscaping are established, requiring less nurturing
  • The window treatments and décor are complete
  • Appliances are present and might be included
  • If you like the floor plan and the location, almost anything else inside can be changed to your liking.


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