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Oakland Conservation District

Oakland Conservation District

Do you have Spring fever? Feeling a little pep in step? Not sure why, but I am and that got me to thinking about Springtime, plants, and trees!! The Oakland Conservation District holds a tree and plant sale annually and it is scheduled for Saturday, April 29th. I know I may be a bit ahead of the game on this, but call it Spring fever maybe. The real estate market is already into the Spring season. Read my previous blog, “The Real Estate Spring Market.”

The Oakland Conservation District is a “federally mandated, local entity under the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development designed to provide natural resource information and technical assistance to Oakland County residents, municipalities, and governments.” That’s the technical definition provided by their website. The non-techie definition is they do good work for the community by being a go-to resource when it comes to the environment.

The sale of the trees and plants are their primary mode of fundraising. There are a variety of both trees and plants to choose from. Please consider purchasing your garden needs through them.

What else do they do you ask? They identify invasive species that are a detriment to our environment. If you click over HERE you will find a comprehensive field guide to invasive species so you’ll be able to identify them.

They also hold wonderful courses. The most recent was about Creating a Backyard Habitat.  This course helps residents create an environment that will attract beautiful wildlife right in their own backyards. It also applies to apartment dwellers as well as commercial spaces.

Lastly, the NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) is working on The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. You can find out more about that via clicking HERE.


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