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Oakland University

Oakland University Is A Place To Discover

We are so lucky that Oakland University is right in our backyard, so to speak. You will find the campus to be located in the beautiful community of Rochester, Michigan. Established back in 1957 through the generosity of Alfred and Matilda Dodge Wilson. The Wilsons not only donated their historic estate but also 2 million dollars as they wanted a satellite school which would go on to be named Michigan State University – Oakland.

The university is located right within Oakland County’s Automation Alley. “Automation Alley is one of Michigan’s 17 designated SmartZones. SmartZones are technology business accelerators that provide distinct geographical locations to assist technology-based firms, entrepreneurs, and researchers in their endeavors. They collaborate with industry, education, and government to grow business and create jobs.” Source: Automation Alley

From academics to athletics, there is something for every interest. The liberal arts department is comprised of 16 departments and includes humanities, social sciences, visual and performing arts, and mathematical and laboratory sciences. Liberal arts is a wonderful foundation for students to discover where their talents lie.

There are undergraduate and graduate programs that should suit every need. One specific department gives to the surrounding communities as well as the students and that is the Oakland University School of Music, Theatre and Dance. Some great talent can be seen at the performances that are put on by this school. If you visit their Facebook page you will see all the raving reviews left by those who were touched after viewing the performances.

Here’s a short schedule of events for the Oakland University School of Music, Theatre and Dance –

Sept 22 – Rela Percussion 8pm

Sept 24 – American Brass Quintet 3pm

Oct 1 – Oakland Symphony Orchestra 3pm

Oct 3 – Oakland University Chamber Orchestra 7:30pm

Oct 5 – Masterclass: Shawn Teichmer, Saxophone 4pm

Oct 5 – Bullets Over Broadway The Musical 

For more events click here – Oakland University School of Music, Theatre and Dance Upcoming Events.
This college has definitely impacted our community in a good way. Take a look around sometime when you have extra time to spare.


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