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Our Brand New 100% Compliant Virtual Buying and Selling Process

When you have been through four recession markets, you figure out how to make it work. We have developed a streamlined and safe process to help our clients with both buying and selling real estate.

Facilitated entirely online, it’s our opportunity to bring you some much-needed peace of mind when you can’t, or don’t want to, wait to buy or sell a house. Frankly, some of our new processes are so much better than before, we are making them a part of our extended customer service.

What does it mean to be completely compliant and working in your best interest?

Here’s our approach to helping you buy or sell:

[iconbox first=”1″ heading=”Virtual Consultations” icon=”laptop”]We offer the best video conferencing software to meet with you, discuss your goals and ideas, and develop a strategy with you to sell or purchase, even with our strict quarantine in place. All it takes is one click on desktop or mobile, and we’re able to meet face to face any time, at your convenience.[/iconbox]

[iconbox heading=”Continuous Access” icon=”user-circle-o”]Need to chat with one of our vendors or team members? We understand the importance of meeting face to face, being able to ask questions and understand what is happening every step of the way, which is why you can always schedule video calls to chat with any member of the team. We’ll also be available through your private online lounge where you can ask any question you’d like, 24/7. You can also call, email, or text us.[/iconbox]

[iconbox heading=”100% Digital Marketing” icon=”tablet”]The Integrity Team has always been primed in the importance and efficacy of digital marketing — now, it’s only become more prominent. We have a dedicated digital marketing strategist whose job is to find buyers from online channels outside of the normal Zillow, Trulia, and, so that your home reaches the most buyers in less time.[/iconbox]

[iconbox heading=”Virtual Showings & Open Houses” icon=”home”]The typical online photo and virtual tour strategy won’t work in this market. So we’ve recreated our virtual process to include both still and virtual walk-throughs where buyers can see your home for themselves, up close and personal. Not only do we find buyers, but we also bring them through the front door — without having them step inside. It’s working. We are selling homes sight-unseen with just our virtual photo process.[/iconbox]

[iconbox heading=”Inspectors & Appraisers” icon=”wrench”]Inspectors are still permitted to inspect the property by themselves and deliver the reports to the buyers. Likewise, Appraisers are still permitted to appraise the property so there’s no holding up the closing.[/iconbox]

[iconbox heading=”Electronic Signing” icon=”pencil-square-o”]We provide all of our clients with the flexibility and ease of signing documents electronically, any time, any place, even from your cell phone.[/iconbox]

[iconbox last=”1″ heading=”Remote Closing” icon=”thumbs-o-up”]Whether buying a home or selling, our title companies will ensure you don’t have to worry about closing and can instead focus on completing your transaction. When you arrive for closing, you’ll be in a sanitized room by yourself, your funds will be wired directly to your bank account upon completion of closing. You don’t even have to go to the bank.[/iconbox]

Solutions Designed to Give You Peace of Mind

We’re living through unprecedented and challenging times — but we have been through challenging times before. For over 30 years, we’ve been figuring it out. We will figure this one out too. You’re in good hands.

[callout name=”Dave R.”]“The Integrity Team puts their clients first which, in turn, relieves the stress that comes with buying, selling, or relocating. If you are looking to buy or sell, make the first call to The Integrity Team!”[/callout]