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How a Few Photos Helped the Frontline

We love this section of our newsletter. We highlight bright spots and the Helpers.

There are so many people doing great things, it’s sometimes hard to choose, but this story caught our attention.

Enter Liv Khoury. She’s a 10-year old aspiring photographer who has been snapping photos that she auctions off to raise money for the frontline workers. While out on runs with her family, she scours her surroundings for any potential auction items. She describes it as “doing a little something that might help a lot.” 

Something as simple as a photograph can inspire millions, so thank you, Liv, for being a bright light for others just by doing what you love, and inspiring us to give along the way.

The family is currently planning on more auctions since the story went live and they have seen even more interest from not only her community but from all over Oakland County. There will be more art auctions in the future via Zoom so keep an eye out for this young girl’s talent and dedication. Make sure to follow the Berkley twitter page for updates and future photo auctions!


Sneak peek of her talent!:

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