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Rant – Inconsiderate Buyers and Lousy Agents

Dear Buyer who viewed my beautiful farmhouse listing last night:

Did you notice how perfectly my clients prepared for your arrival? They made sure the house was spotless, turned on the lights and made you feel important and welcome?

I can’t imagine what spawned the thought in your head that it was acceptable to remove a display of homemade quilts and drag a precious antique chair belonging to my client, over to a closet and STAND on it to hoist yourself into their attic. Seriously? The highlight was that you didn’t even have the decency to return it after abusing it, but you LEFT IT in the closet.

Several thoughts of you came to mind when my client informed me this morning, but because I AM professional, I’ll stick with disrespectful and inconsiderate.

Oh, and If you were considering writing an offer on this home, we’re super excited because, for you, the price just went UP.

TO THE “AGENT” who stood there and allowed it, this is wholly a reflection on YOU.

YOU and your clients are GUESTS in this home and every other home you view, unless and until you have an accepted offer to BUY IT.

THEN your clients may have all the inspections they would like, USING THE PROPER TOOLS and RESPECT for another’s property. A professional agent would have explained that standing on people’s furniture during a showing is not permitted. That is your job. You are responsible for the actions of your clients during your showing.

Too bad we had three showings back-to-back last night and can’t identify who it was, or I would be publicly naming names.

Here’s wishing you a┬ávery short career. I’m done quietly apologizing for you and agents like you. In case my point is lost on you, what I mean to say is, GET OUT OF MY FIELD, you’re an embarrassment.


Every professional Agent whose life you complicate


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