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Therapy dogs

Reading to Therapy Dogs? Yes, at Your Library!


Did you know that you can take your children into a local library and give the opportunity to read to a certified therapy dog? You can imagine that suddenly your child, who is completely unenthusiastic about reading, might be a little more excited about it!

Throw out everything you think your library is.

In a day when adults seem to complain generously about kids being addicted to electronics, and kids complaining that there’s nothing to do, you might be surprised to find a win/win solution is right at your local public library!

I was surprised to see how many activities my library offers.

It’s not just a silent tomb of reading and research anymore. There is something enjoyable to do for everyone at the library. Literally, everyone.

If you aren’t visiting your public library, you are missing out.

With fewer than ever places for kids to gather for healthy entertainment, introducing them to the library early can open up a whole world of activities to them.

For adults, it’s a great place to connect with other people with common interests. Take a class, join a book club or a special interest group like investors, or quilting, or kayaking. Not to mention the opportunity to take advantage of one of the best benefits of your tax dollars!

From Royal Oak to Rochester, public libraries are hosting a calendar full of events for adults and kids.

Royal Oak

This library offers a unique opportunity for children to the library and read to therapy dogs. How fun is that? Here’s a listen to learn more about Library Dogs who are visiting libraries all over Michigan.

They also offer “Gale Courses” which offer online instruction on a wide variety of subjects from computer programming to creative writing to adults.

Rochester Hills

Do you know what “RHPL” is? Neither did I, it’s “Letterboxing”. You can bet I’m going to check this out. It’s part art and part treasure hunt and sounds like so much fun for Teens and Adults, as well as a great event for families to do together. The library offers this brief description on their website:

“Letterboxing combines artistic ability with “treasure-hunts” in parks, forests, and cities around the world. Participants seek out hidden letterboxes by cracking codes and following clues. The prize: an image from a miniature piece of art known as a rubber stamp—usually a unique, hand-carved creation. Letterboxers stamp their discoveries in a personal journal, then use their own rubber stamp, called a signature stamp, to stamp into the letterbox’s logbook.” (from ).

Their website is also a great source of community events happening in Rochester Hills.

Madison Heights

They offer free movie days complete with free popcorn! Great things to do if you’re watching your budget or just want to spend great time with your family.


Troy’s public library offers a “Teen Coffee House” where teens 13-18 can go and share a poem, story or other art with their peers in a warm and comfortable environment. The library offers free coffee, tea, and pastries.

If you thought libraries were just chock full of books and people who have taken a vow of silence, you need to reintroduce yourself to your new library. Good fun at little to no cost. Go check it out!

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