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The Real Estate Spring Market

The Real Estate Spring Market

In real estate, it’s the beginning of the spring market already. Buyers are ready to fall in love with their dream house, and you’re worried because yours is not on the market yet.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re waiting for the snow to melt off of your landscaping, that’s likely to be April. You’ll be coming onto the market when the spring season is already well underway.

If you’re waiting for the trees to bloom so buyers can see how private your yard is, that usually happens in May. Buyers wanting to be in their new home early summer so their kids can make friends in the neighborhood, have likely purchased by May.

If you’re waiting to capture the largest number of buyers in spring, remember that you’ll also be competing with the largest number of competing homes on the market.

If you’re waiting for warmer weather so you can paint the exterior, well that’s legit.

Start earlier than you think

It takes longer than most people think to sell their home.

If the average days on market before getting an acceptable offer is currently 33, and it takes 45 days to process the mortgage and close, that means approximately 78 days on average for the listing to closing.

If you’re planning on making improvements like painting the interior or doing a little staging, you have to add the time it will take for a contractor to get you into their schedule and then complete the job.

If you are going to do some sprucing up yourself, you need to add time to complete the project. If you work full-time, you’ll most likely be working on it weekends which could add a few weeks to the schedule.

Don’t Panic, we’ve got you covered

Most of our clients begin in January if they plan on capturing the “spring” market. But, I would like to remind everyone that homes sell all year round.

There’s nothing to panic about if you are just getting started, and when you are ready‚ĶI’ll be right here waiting for you.

We’ve got you covered any time of the year and in any market.

Welcome to the Integrity Team. You belong here.

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