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The Action Takers In Rochester And Beyond

The Action Takers In Rochester And Beyond

There are people who want to make a difference and there are people who are making a difference. The following organizations are the action takers in Rochester and beyond.  I’m so proud to live in a community that has so much compassion. If you’d like to give back then maybe you could start here.

Neighborhood House

It takes a village they say, but actually, in this case, it is more of a neighborhood concept. The Neighborhood House is committed to helping neighbors who are in distress during times of hardship. Circumstances in life can cause anyone of us to need the helping hand of another. The Neighborhood House coordinates that help. To learn more visit their WEBSITE.

God’s Helping Hands

This is a community outreach program that fills in for those who might not have the support of a church family. It was started by a couple, Brian and Lisa Cain, who experienced the struggles of having to feed and clothe their family while tending to their second child’s long illness. Brain and Lisa had a church family who stepped in where the agencies failed them. This program is rooted in the area Churches of Christ. To learn more about this organization visit their WEBSITE.

Rochester Community House

Rochester Community House is a non-profit 501(c3) organization. It is located in the Rochester Community Park and is home to the Community Kitchen, an active food pantry and Benny’s Kitchen pet care pantry. The volunteers are known as “Friends” of the Community House who help out with fundraising events as well as daily business operations. Learn more by visiting their WEBSITE.

Dream Centers of Michigan

“Find a Need Fill It. Find A Hurt And Heal It.” Pretty straightforward, right? This is the statement you’ll find on the Dream Centers of Michigans page and it’s not just words strung together. This statement is heartfelt and it is a mission fulfilled by volunteers driven to make the world a kinder place. Learn more by visiting their WEBSITE.

May you have a blessed holiday season and may you be a blessing to someone in need.


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