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What If You Get a Low Ball Offer?

What if you get a low ball offer? What should you do and how should you respond?

This  is number two in a series  of things  that  sellers do that drive buyers crazy. (Click here if you haven’t seen our first post in this series)

Now,  you’ve hired a great agent, you’ve cleaned and prepped your home for showings, your photos look great, and you pile the kids and the dogs in the car, and you leave for every showing.

After a few days of this, you finally get an offer…and it’s a disappointment.  What should you do?

1. Take a breath. Realize that all of your hard work and preparation may have put unrealistic pressure on this first offer.

2. Listen to your agent.  If you did your homework and hired right, their opinion is important and you should trust it.

3. Keep cool. You did your research, and you know the condition and the value of your home. You’re in control of the price that you accept for your home, not your agent or that of a buyer.  If a buyer writes an unacceptable offer, just keep cool and counter it to a price acceptable to you. Keep your emotions out of it.

Someone liked your home enough to walk through, spend time writing pages of an offer, and want to buy it. Having a low offer to work with is a hundred percent better than sitting on the market with no offers, growing ripe and wrinkled like a raisin on the vine.  I can’t tell you how many deals I have put together at acceptable prices when the jumping-off point was a low ball.

Where the buyer starts doesn’t matter. It’s where they end up.

And in the end, nobody can make you accept less for your home than you’re willing. We believe in countering every offer to a price and terms acceptable to you. Then, the buyer can either counter back or walk on. And either is fine with us.

So what if you get a low ball offer? As the seller, you have the power to accept, decline, or counter any offer with your terms. If they’re unreasonable, let them go.

You’ve got this, and we’ve got you. If you want an agent whose advice you can bank on, call us.

Welcome to the Integrity Team. You belong here.


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