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Why You Should Sell With Us

We think your agent should provide constant communication, relevant market updates regularly through the process, forecast your market trends, have a talented support staff to manage the process, and reliable systems to track the details.”  

If these things are essential to you as well, read on.

Welcome to The Integrity Team. You belong here.

  • We are Certified Digital Marketing Experts
  • We are Certified Negotiation Experts (CNE)
  • We offer professional staging services
  • Hundreds of past sellers have become raving fans
  • Our listing management software tracks all the details
  • Our customer care staff guides you every step of the way
  • Access to handpicked advisors and contractors you can trust
  • Free use of private moving truck
  • All of this ensures we aren’t practicing on your sale, or with your money

[toggle title=”Certified in Digital Marketing” num=”1″ icon=”laptop” expand=”true” expand-class=”true”]
Let’s hit this one first, because it’s crucial as a seller to understand the importance of an agent’s digital marketing skills. Digital marketing is the differentiator among power players in selling real estate. Many, if not most agents, still use the free (and often antiquated) resources offered by their Multi-List Service or Brokerage.

Gwen spent the time and resources to become certified in digital marketing. She also has a digital marketing specialist on staff to assist her in implementing our digital marketing strategies on a daily basis. A lot goes into this process; we don’t sit around and wait for buyers to come to us, we go find them.

According to the MLS, our team outsells the average agent by more than ten times the number of homes sold. We credit a good portion of our success to our digital marketing expertise. It has an immense impact on our sellers’ bottom lines.

It is a statistical fact that the longer a home is on the market, the lower the offers are. A good digital marketing plan helps reduce market time leading to higher offers.

[callout name=”Steve & Amy N”]“The Integrity Team was excellent! Looking at our house on Zillow and after their staging and photography, I couldn’t even believe it was our house, it looked so good. Their presentation of our home blew away any competition and ensured we received top dollar.”[/callout][/toggle]

[toggle title=”We Are Certified Negotiation Experts (CNE)” num=”2″ icon=”handshake-o” expand=”true”]
Your agent’s negotiation skill is critical to the success of your entire sale. As Certified Negotiation Experts, we know every communication, every nuance matters when an offer is received. We have extensive training and negotiation strategies designed to win in specific situations.

For example, multiple offer situations are negotiated differently than a previously expired listing. Your agent’s demeanor and attitude during the negotiations also have an incredible impact; they have to be assertive, yet an ambassador. It’s tricky, but this is where we excel.

[callout name=”Jeff I.”]“I was most impressed with Gwen’s attention to detail during the negotiating process. She came prepared to our meetings regarding the price of the home, helped to calculate the possible costs and upgrades necessary, and used this information in a proactive way to assist in the negotiation process. I have recommended her often since.”[/callout][/toggle]

[toggle title=”Gwen is an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP)” num=”3″ icon=”wrench” expand=”true”]
When selling real estate, your home has to have the best presence possible on the web. Proper “staging” of a home is a must. Staging is a term people throw around, but is much more than suggesting de-clutter and paint. A properly staged home will generate a higher sale price and sell in less market time.

As an ASP, Gwen will assess your home in its present condition and make suggestions of how to repurpose your furnishings in a way that brings out the very best features of your home and complements your space.

You’ll be amazed at how proper staging of your home impacts the entire online presentation of your home. The dollars are in the details.

[callout name=”Richard & Lorraine I.”]“Gwen and her team have supported us with two moves in as many years. We received multiple offers within 2 days of going on the market in both cases. The marketing was perfect, including the staging and great photos (with aerial shots). Gwen and her team were there for us throughout the process, resolving issues without us even knowing about them.”[/callout][/toggle]

[toggle title=”We Have Hundreds of Past Sellers Who Love Us” num=”4″ icon=”heart” expand=”true”]
It’s easy to rack up sheer numbers in selling real estate by buying customers through radio, billboard or television advertising, but when 82% of your business is by word of mouth as ours is, that means something special! We are super proud of our loyal client fan base.

[callout name=”Ron M.”]“This group of Realtors are very professional, upfront, honest and transparent with the way they do business… I fully trust The Integrity Team and will refer anyone I know who needs or wants to sell their house to this special group of people.”[/callout][/toggle]

[toggle title=”Our Listing Management Software Tracks All the Details” num=”5″ icon=”bar-chart” expand=”true”]Selling a home The Integrity Team way involves a mountain of details. From the staging, our photo shoot, the inspection, directing marketing strategies, ordering the title commitment…it’s easy for something to be missed.

Our customized listing management software helps us track your entire listing process so that we don’t miss a single detail. Our systems are the reason our sellers have a stress-free selling experience. It’s also the reason we sleep well at night.

[callout name=”Pat & Yachiyo F.”]”Our experience with the team was really great. The response time for any questions we had were amazingly fast. It felt like we were their only client.”[/callout][/toggle]

[toggle title=”Our Specialized Support Staff Guide All of Us To a Smooth Closing” num=”6″ icon=”users” expand=”true”]
Having a support staff is an immense advantage to our clients. While they manage the full-time job wrangling the paper and process end of your listing, it allows the agents to focus on things agents should focus on—you, answering your questions, marketing your home, writing and negotiating your contracts.

You will find each member of our support team is a delight to work with. They are highly trained to help us manage your transition from one home to another. We’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do; they make our clients feel like royalty.

Our listing manager. She tends to all the details, from managing the listing documents and showings to scheduling our photoshoots and creating our video tours.

Our dedicated marketing specialist. She has her eyes on your listing daily, pushing it out to the many search and social platforms, monitoring and adjusting our online marketing strategy as the data indicates.

Our closing coordinator. Once an offer is accepted, she manages all the details of your purchase agreement, follows the buyer’s mortgage process and gets us smoothly to the closing table on time.

You’ll be well taken care of every step of the way and appreciate them as much as we do!

[callout name=”David & Gael R.”]”Each person at the office was so friendly when contacting us. When Jennifer contacted us she also made sure we received and understood what we needed to know. We would highly recommend the Integrity Team.”[/callout][/toggle]

[toggle title=”Access to Our Handpicked Advisors and Contractors” num=”7″ icon=”certificate” expand=”true”]
Selling real estate and managing the details of each transaction requires a host of supporting parties. Having access to our trusted list of inspectors, contractors, and advisors will save you valuable time. Our resources come highly recommended by our clients and offer excellent service at reasonable prices. Vendors cannot buy their way on here. It’s like our own internal Angie’s List.

[callout name=”Matt A.”]”Gwen and The Integrity Team’s internet marketing plan yields real results. As out-of-state sellers, Gwen provided us with peace of mind. She made sure the property looked great (both online and in person), immediately contacted us (and helped problem-solve) when issues arose and, shared reliable/quality resources when we needed them. Definitely consider The Integrity Team when selling your home!”[/callout][/toggle]

[toggle title=”Free Use of Our Private Moving Truck” num=”8″ icon=”truck” expand=”true”]
Over the years, we noticed that sellers experience some stress at the same points in their sale, so we set out to eliminate as many of those points for our clients as possible.

For example, whether moving stuff to a storage unit or taking a load to the new house, finding a moving truck for a reasonable price is consistently a stress point. So we bought one for our clients to use!

Simply reserve the truck with a team member, pick it up with a full tank of gas, return it with a full tank, and it’s free for you to use. We joke that our truck is the busiest member of our team![/toggle]

[toggle title=”We’re Not Practicing On Your Sale, Or With Your Money.” num=”9″ icon=”history” expand=”true”]
Gwen was licensed in 1985, Roger in 1995, and Marshall in 2009. Our experience ensures we aren’t practicing selling real estate with your home, or with your money.

Whether forecasting market trends, recommending listing price, negotiating your offer, or resolving a cloud on title, we have successfully managed these situations hundreds and hundreds of times and through decades of award-winning service.

In a nutshell, if it’s important to you to be informed so that you can make educated decisions and have a smooth sale, you are in the right place.

[callout name=”Gary & Janice A.”]“We had the pleasure of working with Gwen on the sale of our home. Our previous experience with realtors had not been great, but in the first five minutes of meeting Gwen we knew she was so much different than our previous experiences. She provided us expert staging advice, a fair market analysis of our home and brought confidence back into our belief in the realty profession. She answered every question we had along the way very quickly, and always made time for us when we had questions. We love that she stays on the cutting edge of the realty market and has extremely strong negotiation skills. We would HIGHLY recommend Gwen! You will not be disappointed!”[/callout][/toggle]

Welcome to The Integrity Team. You belong here.