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Selling While Spring is Still Groggy

Let’s be honest, early spring is ugly.

The early spring landscape here in Rochester and beyond is not flattering to any home. Our once emerald lawn is the color of straw and our carefully designed landscape is nothing more than well-manicured sticks poking up from miniatures of Stonehenge.

I just listed two beautiful homes, one in Plum Creek and one in the Hills of Oakland. Both of my clients voiced the same concern: “But, you can’t see how pretty it is yet, the landscape looks awful.”

So, should you wait until spring is in full bloom and the landscape is pretty? Not at all. My busy spring market begins in early February when nothing in the landscape is visible except evergreens.

However, the exterior of your home comes under much closer scrutiny in the early spring, since it is the focal point, so some extra attention is needed.

While potential buyers are standing on your entry waiting for me to open the lockbox, there is nothing for them to do but look at the entry details.

Pay special attention to:

  • Replace porch lamps, if yours are tired
  • A fresh new doormat
  • Hang a beautiful door wreath
  • A planter of Pansies brings spring to life in Marc
  • Have the windows cleaned inside and out allowing a sunnier interior
  • Sweep the webs from lamps and entryways
  • Groom the beds and grounds of the remaining fall leaves

Paying attention to these details sends a statement that your home is important to you, and the promise that it will only get better when things bloom.

One other thing that no one is willing to tell you, so allow me? Scoop the winter poop. It’s dangerous out there. Trust me on this one.


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