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Short-term Rental

Short Term Rentals On The Rise?

Hey, Michigan! We might be seeing a spike in short-term rentals in our near future. Especially in the spring and summertime.

The National Association of Realtors published an article about how short-term rentals can help Michigan’s economy while maximizing home values.

In the last few years, home rental services like Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway have grown popular for people to rent their homes to others short-term for things like business trips or vacations.

It’s the idea of “home away from home.”

There is a renewed interest in banning regulations via housing codes and ordinances. State officials are proposing new legislation to combat strict regulations on short-term rentals.

NAR writer Anthony Sanfilippo reports, “The legislation, introduced recently by Rep. Jason Sheppard from Temperance, would ban restrictions on short-term rentals through zoning ordinances, suggesting that an abuse of zoning laws infringes upon private property rights and negatively impacts the local economy.”

Legislation like this has circulated before. However, it did not pass despite the mass interest.

With the older legislation as a guide, the new proposition would allow:

  • Homeowners to maximize property value if they decide they would like to rent short-term.
  • Provide the practices and procedures that allow Michiganders to short-term rent while also supplementing local economies.  (For example: Oakland County in the winter or virtually any place Up North)
  • “Uniform and fair treatment for all residential properties in residential zones.”

The bill also would not “prevent local government from enforcing nuisance ordinances and housing codes that are in place to protect the quality of life of community residents, provide public safety, and address discourteous behavior.” The government only steps in when it gets rowdy or if there is negative behavior.

These rules are a common standard.

Please don’t throw ragers at someone’s home just because you rent it for a few days.

All in all, there will still be some level of regulation, but for the most part, having these rentals can lead to a boost in Michigan’s economy.

So be on the lookout for what’s happening with the legislation in Lansing.



If you are looking to rent out your home short-term, make sure to check with your local zoning ordinances to be on the safe side.

Here’s the article:

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