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Shredding Paper and Starting Fires

It seems ridiculous to me that Roger and I have to commit a whole day to shredding paper, but we do. After a couple of decades of two people in real estate, to say that we have collected some paperwork in our home office is an understatement. I would never let you in that room. Please tell me you can relate.

A couple of days ago, I opened the doors of my beautiful walnut cabinet to see what was in there (because I couldn’t remember). Franklin Planners dating back to 1993. Burgundy hard cases all in rows from 1993-2009. Those were the years when paper planners meant I was organized and savvy. I have no excuse for the canceled checks from 2000 or my old Blackberry manual. (I loved that keyboard…sigh.)

I’ve been wanting to shred all of this stuff for some time, but nobody ever seems to get to SOCRA. And shredded paper EXPANDS. What was I going to do with it? So I went on an internet safari for things to do with the shredded paper and I found this fabulous website on 14 things to do with shredded paper.

Rabbit trail…We talk about the pressure the frenetic pace of life, and believe me, ours is beyond hectic, too, but I’m convinced part of the pressure we feel comes from our accumulation of unnecessary paper, pictures, magazines, awards and manuals and mementos we collect. It’s all too much. I see it all the time with my clients when they want to move. It’s overwhelming, the stuff we make ourselves manage. I’m on a quest to decrease that pressure.

Why do I need to keep 20+ years of Continuing Education certificates? I’m going to blame my mother. Because she saved all of my school awards from elementary to high school, in a box until I married Roger. Then she gave the box to me and now I have all of my school awards in the same box in the basement. I mean, how could I get rid of it? I also still have my size 2 wedding gown down there, but that subject is probably best suited for therapy.

Back to shredding…I’m over it. All of it. I’m going on a paper-shredding binge. But, what to do with it? Get this:

I have been saving a box of bad letterhead envelopes for over ten years (back to my mother). The printer put the wrong RE/MAX address on them. I am so glad I saved those (see, this is why we save stuff; just in case).

This fantastic article suggests using the shredded paper to stuff an envelope, seal it, and use it as a kindling firestarter in your fireplace or outdoor fire pit! This is perfect for our place up north! This is one I made and it is fantastic!

Voila!  Step 1 

I’m super excited to stuff and seal envelopes today. Somehow, Roger has magically scheduled a whole day of showings, I’m  not sure how that happened.

I am committed to wrangling this paper down to a two-drawer filing cabinet, so help me. Stuffing those envelopes for fire starters will be my penance for collecting it in the first place.

After that, I might deal with my size 2 wedding dress. No promises.

p.s.  Anyone need a Dell computer manual?



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