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Have The Smartest Home On The Block

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Hi, there. I’m Gwen Daubenmeyer with the Integrity Team, here at RE/MAX Defined, with a message about what is hot and what is not in real estate. In 2017, it is most definitely the year of the Smart Home Device. In 2016, it is reported that over 80 million Smart Home Devices were shipped worldwide. Including mine. In 2017, we are poised to have an even bigger year. From saving on energy bills, to arming our security system, turning our air conditioning on just before you get home. There’s so many ways that Smart Home Devices can make our lives more convenient.

If you’re not quite up-to-speed, we have included an article below, which will fill you in on all of those details, and if you are using Smart Home Devices, we would love for you to tell us what you’re using, how you’re using it, and if you like it or maybe you’re in the camp that does not like them.

Also, we’d really like to hear from you. So, hit Reply, let us know what you’re using, and thank you. Look forward to talking with you.


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