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Sydney Bogg's Sweet Essentials

Sydney Bogg’s Sweet Essentials will not stay a sweet memory after all

It simply took 3 people with can-do attitudes to ensure that a local candy factory would not remain a sweet memory for many happy Detroiters. Lots of businesses open and close and some stand out more than others in our minds. There are also businesses in particular that require a special talent to deliver the results people demand and that come with the memory and the name of such business. This candy factory is no exception.

The candy factory, Sydney Bogg Chocolates, is the business I’m speaking of and it was founded back in the early 1900s. It closed only 15 years ago. Imagine trying to live up to a business that successful!! As I said, it took 3 very special people to enter that arena and they are Debbie Schlicker,  Gary Schlicker, and Debbie’s sister, Lisa Peasley. Although in their 50s these people have more drive and ambition than those half their age.

Each one of them brings a special artistry to the business. Debbie is the icing designer, Gary is the cook and Lisa is the expert at hand-dipping the sweet morsels. They began working at the factory when they were teenagers and left as experts in their 40s. No one is set to run this traditional business as much as they are.

We all know that when we look back on certain childhood times we may sweeten the recollections, but with this particular business, it was a solid road paved with chocolates, caramels, nonpareils and chocolate-covered graham crackers. If you are looking for last-minute gifts or even bringing some sweetness to a holiday party you are attending then I can think of no place better to purchase your sweet surprise than at Sydney Bogg’s Sweet Essentials on 3233 West 12 Mile Road in Berkley. Tell them I sent you and feel free to share your finds. ????


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