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Three New Resources to Help You Now in the COVID Quarantine


Hello! I’m writing to you from what is affectionately known as “Yoga Pants Studios,” here in my home.

First and foremost, we hope that this finds you well. Secondly, we are super excited to bring you some tools and resources that we are launching to safely navigate your real estate needs in this shutdown.

Number one, we have finally published a newsletter! It’s going to be published once a month, so if you want to stay in the loop, you can reach out right here and we will get you on that list. 

The second thing is the new resources we have to offer you! Many of you are texting and calling, and you are antsy to get started! What we’re hearing most often:

“When should we put our house on the market?”

“Can we put it on right now?”

“I really need to buy a house.”

“Should we enter the market right now?”

You’re asking really valid questions. We’ve listened and just released our completely virtual home buying and selling process. Be prepared, because it does not look like our previous process, but we have already successfully listed, sold, and closed homes without ever meeting in person. (Frankly, this isn’t new! We have been selling houses sight unseen for years with relocation clients, especially those overseas.)

For those of you who would prefer to wait until after the quarantine, you can take some time-saving steps now, so that you’re ready to roll as soon as you are comfortable.

Some steps you can take in advance are:

Home evaluations, photo tours, staging, creating your personal home search, and completing any paperwork all can be done virtually! 

If you’re interested, just pop a message in the “contact us” form, and we can talk about getting you as far into the process as it makes sense for you.

And thirdly, we are very excited to offer a free 2-week course to Dave Ramsey’s Seven Baby Steps. And for those of you who know our story, you’ll know that back in the last recession, we were not as prepared for a downturn as we thought we were, and Roger and I incurred some debt to keep us afloat.

Luckily, we were introduced to Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps, and we began applying them to our situation, and that really brought us through. Since then, we have become endorsed by Dave Ramsey as their local recommended real estate agents, and we still follow those baby steps today!

Click the link here to take advantage of this 2-week course. It will guide you all the way from starting a small emergency fund through paying off debt using the debt-snowball method and then on to building your savings. The process has been phenomenal for us. We highly recommend it.

Mostly, we want you to know this is a safe space. We talk about money on this team. We coach smart money, strategize spending, and help people reach their goals, whether or not that includes buying a house.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a little money or a lot of money, life has happened to all of us, and we should ALL be thinking of ways to cut expenses and live more simply.

Dave always says: “Live like nobody else now, so you can live like nobody else later.” We are living examples of this. Please reach out and ask us any questions you may have, such as:

“Hey, how do we live more frugally?” 

“What are our expenses we can cut?” 

“How did you guys do it?” 

“Where did you start?” 

We want to show you what we’ve learned and how you might make this time a little easier on yourself. We are happy to hold a couple of virtual classes if anybody is interested! (drop us a note!) 

The bottom line is this pandemic has affected every one of us, and there’s no doubt it will affect the real estate market, too. We are watching the market very carefully, and while we may not have all the answers right now, this is not our first real estate market rodeo. During our 30 years in this business, not only have we survived four market recessions, but we’ve thrived. We assure you we will thrive through this one, too.

We miss you and cannot wait until the quarantine is lifted, and we can get back out and see everyone.

In the meantime, stay healthy and be well!

In  case you missed the links:

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