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Top 10 Reasons You Are a Bad Neighbor

Just for laughs, because you know we all have one…

Top Ten Characteristics of a Bad Neighbor

1)  They walk their dog around the neighborhood without a baggie.
3)  They watch their neighbor’s house, even when they’re home.
4)  Their security light creates shadow puppets in their neighbor’s bedroom.
5)  They trim their neighbor’s tree until sap runs because the branches are on their side of the fence.
6)  They put their compost pile in the farthest corner of their yard, right next to the neighbor’s patio.
7)  They send their kids over to the neighbor’s to play uninvited, and the neighbors have no children.
8)  They bring you their leftover barbecue. (No. Just, NO.)
9)  They ask you to carpool their kids to school and never take a turn.
10) They refuse to mow the 2-foot strip of grass between their property line and their neighbor’s driveway.




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