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Ways Michiganders Are Helping Those In Need

Ways Michiganders Are Helping Those In Need

With everything happening in this country of ours lately, I find myself asking, “What actions are being taken that will help make a difference in someone’s life who has had tragedy strike them?” I believe each life lived will have a solid impact on the world if they look for ways to contribute to the needs of others. Here are some of the ways Michiganders are helping those in need.

  1. Stuffed Animals For Emergencies/Southeastern Michigan SAFE – This is a great local non-profit branch of the national organization, Stuffed Animals for Emergencies. What they do is collect new/used stuffed animals, books and baby blankets for children in need. It doesn’t seem to be a big thing, but if it can relieve a child’s stressful day or bring comfort to them then it IS a BIG thing!
  2. American Red Cross – We are donating by giving blood and with financial contributions. Right now they’ve raised enough, according to their website, to help qualified households in Texas directly impacted by Hurricane Harvey by giving them $400 in emergency assistance. Yes, donations do make a difference.
  3. Salvation Army – The Salvation Army has had specific online sites to direct us to specific relief funds, such as the following:  To support Mexico earthquake relief ,  To support Hurricane Maria/Irma/Harvey relief and was also personally on hand to help out Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, as well. 
  4. The Ford Fund – The Ford Corporation has set-up accounts to help the victims of Hurricanes such as Irma and Harvey. They have helped through donations from the employees, their dealers, and are helping by providing assistance bundle for customers whose vehicles were lost or destroyed; this includes the same no-haggle, below-invoice price as Ford employees and their families receive, with payments deferred until next year.

There is a lot more to come in the days ahead to rebuilding the lives and infrastructure to those communities hardest hit. If you’d like to help then check out this list of organizations who are directly making a difference – USAID’s LIST.


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