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What Stops a House from Selling?


What stops a house from selling? According to the National Association of Realtors, the number one turnoff to buyers is when a Seller is present at their showing.

It’s only natural to want to hang around to point out the upgrades and finishes you’ve invested in, but as tempting as that is, you really should pack up the kids and the pup and take them with you for your showings.

Being present during showings makes buyers uncomfortable and prevents them from connecting with your home. It makes them feel like trespassers who are invading your personal space.

Real estate agents are trained to point out a home’s features and benefits their client is looking for, not necessarily the ones that you think are important. You’ve done your research. You’ve hired an agent you trust. Now, allow them to do their job.

An informed seller understands the importance of allowing buyers to explore their home independently and discuss candidly with each other the pros and cons. They’re probably not going to like every little thing about your home.

Please consider leaving your video and audio equipment off. Allow buyers to come to their own conclusions without invading their privacy. There’s no need; you’re in control.

Every seller is anxious to hear about how a showing went, but your agent should be asking for feedback after every showing anyway. If there’s an offer coming in, you’ll know it soon enough.

Monitoring conversations, aside from being creepy, causes unnecessary stress and can undermine what could be a good offer. 

So what stops a house from selling? In reality, there are multiple factors, but leaving your home during showings is the best course of action for both sellers and buyers.

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