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Why Agents Leave Your Lights On

Well, simply to irritate the seller, of course! Kidding kidding. Truly, it is one of the things a seller can count on happening. Every agent does it. I’ve done it, too, and I apologize. I know it is irritating.

Proper lighting can make or break a showing. When I’m showing several houses in a row, it is hard to remember which lights the seller intentionally left on and which were off when I arrived. This is especially difficult to keep track of when the buyers, in their enthusiasm, run ahead of me and start flipping light switches themselves.

The above photo with the lighted pool area is a perfect example. The lighting sets the atmosphere for the entire showing. It is so easy to have accidentally turned the pool light on instead of the porch light. Not knowing presents the dilemma…should I turn the pool light off when I leave? Or, leave it on in case they have another showing behind me?

Since I want the house to show well for the next buyer too, I err on the side of caution and leave the light on. There could also be safety issues such as trip and fall hazards if it is dark. In my opinion, when in doubt, it is always better to err on the side of caution and leave the light on.

Other times, it may have just been carelessness; like, when the house is vacant. Now, that’s irritating. Forgive me?


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